Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Experiments in Goop

So what is goop exactly? It's the Polaroid/Fuji film refuse - the stuff that gets disposed of. In the case of my experiments it was Fuji FP 3000b film negatives. I figure it's a travesty that this beautiful film is being discontinued so I wanted to honour it by keeping the positives and having some fun with the negatives. In fact I wish now that I'd saved every negative, but that's another matter. Flickr has a goop group if you'd like to check out what other photographers are doing here.

It's a fairly easy process, whereby you scan in the negative to photoshop and invert the image. Other photographers may do more manipulation in photoshop but I prefer to keep things simple.

Anyway, here are my versions. Thanks to my models, Marcelo, Chewie and Sophia.

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