Monday, 25 June 2012

amaZINE Sunday 24th June in Wollongong

Met some great people, shared stories and sold some postcards. Was a great afternoon and worthwhile getting out into the local creative community. My husband Marcelo was selling his wonderful comics and prints as well. Many thanks to Emma-Lee from Milk Thieves in Wollongong for providing us with a great space and to all of our supportive friends and family for being there to see us. Contact me via email or Facebook if you are interested in buying my postcards. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

amaZINE Fair - Wollongong - Sunday 24th June

I'll be a stallholder at the AmaZINE Fair - details below. I'll be selling my Polaroid postcards - so come and say hello and check out all of the talented artists, crafters, writers etc that Wollongong has on offer.

Afternoon light chasing

I've been observing colour changes in the sky and trying to capture that magical hour of light before the sun goes down. I watch where on the horizon the sun rises and where it sets, which is a shorter angle in winter time. These two shots are from the same pack as the ones taken in the fog, and yet they are so different. These were taken with my SX-70 camera with film of the same name, expired in 2005 (it was a great vintage). It's wonderful to stand and catch the last rays of the sun on these clear winter days.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Winter days are here

I'm not really a fan of colder weather, but I do love the change of seasons - falling leaves, golden afternoon light and when winter does set in - the fog. The fog in the photos below was so thick that we could barely see in front of us. I was lucky enough to have one box left of expired SX-70 film (that worked!)so a trip up the mountains was in order.