Sunday, 19 July 2015

Winter Road Trip

I know, it's been ages since I last posted so moving right along...
Marcelo and I have recently returned from our winter road trip to Dubbo as he has work there - I get to tag along and frolic in the countryside. I do love getting away to clear my head from the more mundane aspects of daily life. Anyway, it was snowing in some parts. Yes I did say SNOWING. It was cold enough in Dubbo and surrounds but on our way back home it snowed as we drove through Orange, Bathurst and parts of the Blue Mountains. I already know I don't fare well in cold temperatures but being in snow is a whole different ballgame. I got some interesting photos, but I realised a few things, the cold makes you shake and I didn't have a tripod - or warm enough clothing. I also had some not so great film. Anyway...all of these were taken with my trusty Polaroid 180 camera and some expired (in 2000) 669 film. 


  1. Very nice photos. Inspirational! I just got started with Polaroid.

  2. Thanks Magnus - will have to check out your work.