Thursday, 5 December 2013

12.12 Submission for November - Reflection

It's nearly the end of the year which is a great time to reflect. It's been one of the best years for me in many ways. I've had lots of creative opportunities (including 12.12!) fun times spent with friends and family and getting more involved in the local arts community. I'm looking forward to 2014 being even better...

For this month's theme I was going to use mirrors, but it just didn't work out how I'd planned and none of my practice shots looked how I'd imagined it would in my head. So I decided to not be so literal and reflected on a day that was personal to me, which was my wedding day. I'd found my veil packed away and tried to remember who I was on the day I was married and the person I am now. It was a slight diversion from my original plan but nevertheless I enjoyed doing something different...

Wedding day - reflection on the past

SLR 680 camera
PX 600 Silver Shade Impossible Film

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  1. AWESOME! You are doing such nice work! Sorry haven't been around the interwebs. just rejoined blogger again.